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Psychology of selling

Buying decisions are based on the chemical and biological connections to the brain by applying the correct data. The general DNA of the selling profession has been the same since the 1920s. I intend to disrupt the selling profession’s mythology with the study of psychology, science, and sabermetrics. It is about connecting sales with science and sabermetrics to get a result.


Sabermetrics or statistically based data is for developing and applying knowledge to performance, predicting a measured outcome (Wolfe2006). For an overview of how this concept works, watch the movie Moneyball.

Sales FOX Training

Sales FOX Coaching, formerly known as TDK Training, is a sales training company with a twist. Sales FOX Coaching has transformed the way that sales teams throughout the world do business with the assistance of our founders Darren Kerby and Sharon Hill. Instead of information that has been plagiarised from some antiquated sales courses and conference room sessions, we provide a brand-new, ethical approach to sales.

Our Sales FOX Coaching offers access to our psychology-based science selling, a variety of training techniques as well as multimedia material to a large audience. While we do provide in-person sessions, our priority online is the Sales FOX Academy and virtual HIT intensive sales coaching sessions with one of our specialists to become the greatest ethical online sales training globally.

Foster the human spirit in salespeople with scientific communication.



Educate the sales industry with the knowledge to perform with no fear of an outcome. When the fear is removed salespeople can stick with the process and care for the customer. We will do this by studying psychology and building education partnerships with businesses, colleges, and universities globally.



  • Empathy. Caring for a customer’s needs and being interested in them, will allow you to find the solution to their problem.
  • Understanding: Listening to what a client needs shows you understand them, this removes distrust, then you can build trust.

  • Support: Supporting a customer’s thoughts and ideas installs confidence in them and builds trust in you.

  • Functional thinking: Before you talk to a customer think about what question you need to ask to help them in the sales process.

The sales coaching approach helps salespeople perform better and more quickly.

You would hire a coach if you wanted to improve in a sport quickly. The sales industry is not any different.

Sessions with clients from out of the country and across the country are held via face-to-face online zoom meetings.

Because each person has unique coaching needs, coaching is tailored to them. It advances a person far more quickly than they could on their own from where they are to where they would like to be.

We specialize in performance coaching.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Through telemarketing, offline and online marketing, and sales coaching, SalesFox can assist in developing you, which grows your business.

We draught telemarketing scripts, marketing strategies, business plans, and evaluations of the effectiveness of your sales and telesales employees. Our only goal is to improve your outcomes and grow your market share.

Sale Training Workshops

We love presenting our EDTALK training. This program educates and demonstrates how the science of psychology can make you and your customer’s minds come together Companies like yours have surpassed industry average sales records because of our customized in-house training. The majority of our business comes from recommendations because of our reputation for constantly providing expert information, professional service, and unmatched results-driven pieces of training.

Sales coaching

Sales FOX is a multi-award-winning ethical online sales training and communication coaching company, Sales FOX Coaching is on a mission to forge deeper, more sincere connections between consultants and prospects, business owners and staff, and even friends and family.

Since its establishment in 2012, we have applied our Sales FOX Methodology to help numerous SMEs, multinational businesses, individual company owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals worldwide enhance their income, confidence, productivity, creativity, and more.

Our on-demand Sales FOX coaching is proven to be the fastest-growing sales & communication resource accessible worldwide, emphasizing ethics, learning, and responsibility.

online learning

Any firm may accelerate development with the aid of engaging, available, on-demand sales training, especially if it can be completed online at any time and from any location.

Additionally, to completely customize corporate packages and VIP one-on-one coaching, we provide Elite programs for company owners, team leaders, and individuals who want to accelerate progress.


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