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Building trust and connecting with customers is essential for success in today’s competitive sales arena.

At Sales FOX Training, we understand the importance of face-to-face interactions to establish client trust, which leads to increased sales. Our corporate sales training elevates a sales team’s skills by incorporating scientifically proven sales techniques.
We develop high-performance salespeople who understand sales psychology and focus on the sales process rather than fixating on the outcome. 

After studying psychology at university, our seasoned trainer, Darren Kerby, has developed a range of sales techniques to help salespeople successfully connect with customers in multiple ways.

Darren discovered the critical role hormones play in influencing buying decisions. This revelation inspired us to develop our Sales FOX Training Program, which teaches hormones’ essential role in influencing buying decisions.

Sales FOX Training has a track record of success and was an integral part of the Bartercard Bendigo team that achieved the top global ranking for new sales globally.

Our expertise has benefited banking corporations, franchises, and individuals striving to become top industry performers.

The remarkable results we have achieved have inspired Darren to share his knowledge in the form of his e-book, “The Psychology of Selling.”

Are you ready to take on the sales challenge?

Imagine having an active prospect list where 20 percent of your customers generate 80 percent of your turnover. Picture having a marketing strategy that attracts a loyal tribe of clients ready to buy. Envision a 9-step sales process where, by step 8.2, clients are coming to you!

Sales FOX Training can help you reach your goals.

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Darren Kerby

Darren Kerby started his selling under Australia’s Number One Franchise Building salesman Wayne Hose, in the 1980s.

Wayne guided Darren as his offsider as a master would to an apprentice.

Initially, Wayne’s direction encouraged Darren to read the book ‘How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success’ by Frank Bettger. A book, Dale Carnegie is regarded as the most helpful and inspiring book on sales.

Darren continued his education with the Tom Hopkins Champions Course.  Tom taught that it is essential to meet with people face-to-face to build a relationship to develop the sale.

Darren’s career in selling and marketing included being part of the Barter Card Bendigo’s sales team that went number one globally for new customers. Companies started calling Darren for sales training and sales structures for their teams because of his sales performance knowledge.

This was the evolution of his Sales FOX Training

With the emergence of the Internet in sales the process, Darren observed the breakdown in communication between salespeople and customers. So, he returned to the university and found that before we can build trust, we need to remove distrust. That can only be down face to face.

He has a Diploma in Coaching and Business Development enabling him to specialise in one-to-one mentoring and training, sales team building, and executive mindset.

Darren has a strong passion for martial arts and has several martial arts orphanages school globally where 10 percent of his training goes to educate kids to give them a hand up in life. Interestingly the focus here is to teach martial arts students to connect with people. The same skill he focuses on in selling.

He gives free sales coaching to all martial arts schools globally.