Sales Basics

Prospecting is a critical skill for any salesperson, as it involves identifying and reaching out to potential customers. Building a database of high-value customers is important for maximizing sales revenue, so it’s great that the coach will be teaching you how to do this effectively.


The process is also key in sales, as it helps ensure that you are taking a structured and effective approach to the sales system. By building a sales process with the coach, you can learn how to keep the energy in a sale, close more deals, and increase the success of salespeople.


Negotiation is another important skill in sales, as it involves working with potential customers to find solutions that meet both their needs and your business objectives. By building rapport and using the level 3 questioning strategy to understand the shopper’s needs, you can easily understand what solutions to offer. Using temperature checks, a salesperson can quickly address any stalls or objections that arise in the negotiation process.


This training offers a comprehensive set of skills for salespeople, with one-on-one or group coaching.

Top Gun Mindset

Even top performers can benefit from a readjustment of focus, and it’s important to have a coach who can guide them back on track or help them elevate their performance.


The use of sabermetrics data and an understanding of how hormones in a customer’s brain affect their sales decisions is an interesting approach to sales training. By teaching salespeople how to talk to hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, they can better understand their customers’ trust, energy, and motivation levels, which can lead to increased sales.


It’s also great that this is a one-to-one personal mentoring approach and has individual attention that can help salespeople develop their skills more effectively.


Overall, the education program offers a well-rounded approach to sales training, incorporating both fundamental skills and a focus on the mindset of a champion salesperson. By combining these approaches, salespeople can become more effective in their roles and achieve greater success.

Champion Teams

The strength of any business is not the business itself, but the team behind it. The six-month coaching syllabus for the team manager is a comprehensive program that can help leaders develop their skills and drive their teams to success. The focus on defining where you are and where you want to go is a critical step in developing a strategy for success.


The program’s emphasis is on developing individual salespeople’s talents to contribute to the success of the team. Each team member brings their unique strengths and skill sets to the table, and by developing these, the team can achieve even greater sales success.


Building a winning culture and winning systems is the key to creating a successful sales team. This education program offers a comprehensive approach to building a champion team, with a focus on leadership development, individual talent development, and creating a winning culture and systems. With the right training and guidance, leaders can develop their teams into high-performing successful units.